Who We Are

How we help orphans

We make it easy for donors to see how their donations make changes at each level of individual childcare. Our donors are able to raise more funds and support the kids to be their best because they feel confident that their donations are used in the best way possible.

How We Do It

We are here to stand for our kids because we believe every kid has the right to thrive. 100% of you Donations go directly to the children. Here is how we do it:

We help children heal from abuse and neglect and fund tutors who help us create and implement individual plans that help each kid heal from abuse, learn and grow up happy and be healthy adults.
We create orphanage improvements where we can connect with our donors. We also improve the orphanage by purchasing the necessities required.
We usually use the funds to cater for needs that are identified in the processing of each child. We also use the funds in funding programs such as tutoring, provision of food and clothing.

Where it all Began

Founded in August 2019,Enoch, with the help of her Late Mother,Agnes makana started VINES OF LOVE CHILD CARE where orphans and street kids experienced love and hope for the future.

Our Story

Vines of love Child Care is a charitable organisation founded in kenya in 2019but fully registered on 2020.We saw there was a need for us to look for the desperate plight of orphans in kenya and we came to realize there was more that we were needed to do rather than just donations.personally i decided to work on this problem and share the live of the kids.Thereby the idea of "VINES OF LOVE CHILD CARE".The mission of the orphanage is to lift the kids from surviving to thriving,This is achieved by provision of education,good health services,vulnerable affairs and provision of alternative strategies to cope with challenge of life.We believe in building a bright future to children.





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